Cushions & Pillows


Our expert production staff will create high-quality cushions that will restore the look and comfort of your outdoor furniture. Replace worn, frayed, or faded cushions on your existing chaises, chairs, and benches, or add new throw pillows, pool pillows, seat pads, and cushions.

  • All cushions are manufactured with high quality production methods to give each cushion the perfect comfort and loft
  • Multiple thicknesses and a limitless array of shapes and sizes are available
  • Fill: Polyester fiberfill, densified fiber, standard outdoor foam, and reticulated foam
  • Fabrics: Available in a variety of grades from polyester to acrylic to COM.
  • Welts: in self or contrasting colors
  • Cushions can be secured to furniture by standard
    fabric ties, Velcro tabs or fabric covered elastic
  • Chaise Cushion options include hoods to attach over top of frame or headrests
  • Custom details and options, such as notching and tufting, are available upon request.


Cushions are available in a wide variety of standard sizes. For custom cushions, simply provide us with a sample or template of your existing cushions or pads and we will produce pieces in matching sizes. Available with or without welting. Welting can match your selected fabric or choose a contrasting color.





Our standard construction method provides a Dacron wrap around the foam core for shape, loft and comfort. Choose from a variety of fill options listed below. To aid in the drying process: for all styles and fills, unzip the cushion and drain excess water and stand cushion on its side to dry. Once dry, close zipper.


Long lasting comfort with quick drying capabilities. Dries easily after exposure to rain or other forms of moisture and humidity. The open cell design provides maximum water drainage and air circulation allowing cushions to be back in service quickly after being wet.


Soft, comfortable and budget friendly. The best application for this foam is in dry climates or protected outdoor settings, such as covered patios and sunrooms.


Compressed fiber filling is economical and has a low water retention level. It drains fast and dries quickly, depending on the present weather conditions at your outdoor setting.


Pillows are available in all sizes and shapes with 100% Polyester fiberfill. Custom accents and options include welts, fringes, braiding, notching, tufting, zippers, and foam fill available upon request.


Throw pillow with contrasting welting and with optional foam fill and optional button.


Headrest with Velcro closure on straps fits on most chairs and is adjustable.

Chaise with headrest


Add style, comfort and support.


POUFS are idea for sitting, footrests, mini soft tables, and much more. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match your décor.

Cube – 20” x 20” x18”
Cylinder – 20” Diameter x 18” Tall


When selecting fabrics for your cushions and pillows, keep in mind that while some colors are the same in both marine grade and furniture grade, there is a difference in the material. Furniture Grade fabrics have a softer feel, are less likely to wrinkle, and are slightly lighter weight making them more comfortable for cushions and pillows, though also practical for umbrella canopies. Both grades are made of solution-dyed acrylics and are mildew and fade resistant. Contact us for more information. 

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