FiberBuilt’s canopies are made of different materials depending on the style of the shade product.  With the exception of our Garden and Patio umbrellas, all of our other umbrellas as well as cabanas and pavilions are made of either Marine or Furniture Grade solution dyed acrylics.  FiberBuilt uses only acrylic fabrics made by industry-leading manufacturers, including Sunbrella and Outdura, that maintain their color and integrity while exposed to the elements year after year remaining fade-, stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant through normal wear and cleaning.

To ensure the longevity of your umbrella canopies as well as outdoor cushions, clean them regularly.  Fabric manufacturers recommend brushing off dirt and wiping up spills before they become embedded.  Rinsing canopies and cushions on a monthly basis with warm water will help maintain their cleanliness.

Cleaning:  Solution-dyed acrylic fabric canopies feature a soil, stain and mildew resistant finish. The canopy may be cleaned while on the fully open umbrella frame.  For easier reach, lay the open umbrella down on a clean surface so it’s standing on two ribs and the end of the pole. Brush off any loose dirt. Dampen the fabric by hosing it down. Prepare a solution of two capfuls of a mild, natural soap (not detergent) to one gallon of cold or lukewarm water (less than 100° F). Use a sponge or soft-bristle brush and allow the soap to soak in. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Air dry.

For a more powerful clean and more effective protection we suggest incorporating Paradise Power Solutions Cleaner and Protector to your periodic cleaning routine. These products have been formulated to safely loosen dirt and other stains to outdoor acrylic fabrics and to repel water, future stains, and UV rays that can, over time, cause fading.

Do not put fabric in a dryer. For spot cleaning of stains, two tablespoons of diluted bleach in the soap mixture above may occasionally be used. Regular cleaning with a bleach solution is not recommended.

Watch our cleaning video for more detailed advice and professional tips.