Sheltering in place while also trying to continue to work during Covid has resulted in the evolution of the definition of cloffice.  It’s laudable that so many people took the initiative to convert a closet into a home office in order to create a safe space to focus on company business.  But after two years, perhaps the spelling of the word should evolve into “clauffice”, because we’re feeling more than a little claustrophobic.

Perhaps one solution would be to shift your workspace into a different environment.  An outdoor environment.  One where you can work surrounded by fresh air and birdsong.  Where you don’t have fashion a biophilic outpost but where you’re embraced in the real thing.  And with the help of FiberBuilt’s Wattsun umbrella you’ll be able to plug in your laptop and cell phone that are essential to your productivity and two USB ports are standard features of this model.  The power is provided by the solar panel located in the finial.  The battery charges at outlet speed and the charging station located on the pole (a few inches above table height) holds a charge for up to eight hours.


Wattsun is available in 8 and 9 ft diameter sizes, has a 1 ½” diameter pole allowing it to be used in-table, and comes in 7 finish colors. The canopies are available in hundreds of marine and furniture grade solution dyed acrylics to coordinate with the rest of your outdoor furnishings.

Enjoy the comfort of a new, wider, out-of-the-box work environment under the shade provided for hours of industrious, inspired activity.

Stay home.  Stay productive.  Stay connected.