Details count. FiberBuilt’s shade products are engineered with many important structural and design details that demonstrate our commitment to form and function. In the Prestige Collection, for example, the umbrellas that feature a Pulley & Pin lift mechanism are made with a leather strap to properly secure the looped pulley rope. 

Why do we provide this strap? Because, in our judgment, the rope should not just dangle against the pole, swing in a gusty wind where it could injure someone, or potentially become a hazard that tempts small children as if it were something to play with. 

There’s also a proper way to coil the rope. Once the canopy is opened to the desired position and the pin inserted through the pole, the pulley rope should be looped until all of it is up near the hub. 

A simple way to achieve this is to hold the rope in one hand up by the bottom of the hub near the open leather strap and wind it in a loose circle around your hand in an approximately 6” diameter. 

Take the looped rope and fasten it into the strap using the metal snap. This will secure the rope out of a child’s reach and also protect the rope from excessive wear. 

Another feature of the embossed strap is that it comes in six colors to coordinate with the color of the hub and ribs. 

We believe that details count, and we know you do to. You deserve to work with a manufacturer who puts quality first and embraces attention to detail in all aspects of design and construction.