For this simple procedure, all you’ll need is a tape measure.

First, open your umbrella all the way. Then, to make the canopy easier to reach, place the umbrella on the ground so it’s balanced on two ribs and end of the pole.

Round (Octagon or Hexagon) 

Take the tape measure and extend it from the outer end tip of one rib up over the top of the canopy fabric, across the base of the finial and down to the end of the opposite rib for a round canopy. Note: a 9ft will measure approximately 9’ 6”.


Take the tape measure and extend it from one side of the canopy from one rib to another (corner to corner) rather than diagonally across the top. 

This process will be helpful if the frame of your umbrella is still in good condition, but the canopy is showing wear, is faded, frayed, torn, or you just want to update the color scheme of your outdoor space. An accurate measurement of your existing canopy is crucial to ensuring that the new canopy you purchase will fit properly onto the existing frame.