There are many important components to an umbrella.  One of the most significant in terms of strength and durability is THE POLE.  While some models are made with a two piece aluminum pole, others are made with one piece. Some tilt, while others don’t.  Different powder coated finish colors are available depending on the style.  But beyond these items, when it comes down to the most basic aspect of the pole you need to know what the wall thickness is and how that relates to the proper type of use for the umbrella.

Wall thickness is the dimension or thickness of the aluminum that the pole is made from.  The diameter is the outer measurement of the pole.


FiberBuilt’s primary lines – The Home Collection (Garden, Patio and Terrace), Market umbrellas and the Prestige Collection (specifically the powder coated models) each have their own wall particular thicknesses.  Let’s compare all three of these styles which are offered with aluminum poles that have the same 1 ½” outside diameter.

The Home Collection models are constructed from two-piece poles with .065 wall thickness.  This means that the aluminum of the pole is slightly over 1/16” thick.  These budget-friendly models work well in locations that experience light to moderate winds.   

The Market Umbrella’s two-piece pole features a wall thickness of .080. This thicker wall supports greater weight (which is why they are offered with larger size canopies) as well as moderate to heavy winds.  These contract quality models are popular for condos, apartments and hotels.  The 1 ½” poles are perfect for in-table use.

The Lucaya Umbrella has a one-piece, 1 ½” diameter pole but, as for all Prestige Collection models, the wall thickness is .125.  A one piece pole is inherently stronger than a two-piece, no matter the wall thickness. However, these heavier gauge, 1/8” thick, aluminum poles offer excellent structural support for large umbrellas in locations prone to moderate to heavy winds, in hospitality and commercial applications, and can be used both in-table and freestanding.  

Garden .065 Market .080 Lucaya .125