If you live in an area with high winds, you may think an outdoor seating area with an umbrella is out of the question.  Think again! At Fiberbuilt Umbrellas, we offer several umbrellas designed to withstand high winds, so you’ll never accidentally gift your neighbor with a runaway umbrella! Read on to learn more about our unique product design, canopy styles for high wind areas and tips for keeping your umbrella secure.

Select a canopy designed for superior wind resistance

Damage is caused to umbrellas when the wind is trapped.  It’s important to allow the wind to escape in order to take the pressure off the umbrella frame.  Fiberbuilt offers two excellent options for wind management.  A double vent canopy breaks up the wind flow and directs the wind between the vented sections.  Our Aruba canopy features an extra-large top vent for gusts to flow through. 

No-break fiberglass rib

The key to the durability of Fiberbuilt’s umbrellas is our innovative fiberglass rib, built to flex in heavy wind gusts to avoid breakage, even in the strongest conditions.

When it comes to bases, heavier is better

All of our Prestige Collection umbrella poles have a hole drilled 10 inches up from the bottom, which matches up with an identical hole in the sleeves of our fiberglass, aluminum and steel bases. These are the bases we recommend using in areas prone to high winds. By securing the umbrella to the base using the provided through bolt, you can ensure the longevity of your investment.

When you use a through bolt, it’s nearly impossible for the umbrella to fly out of the base. For this reason, it’s important to choose a heavy base in high-wind areas. If the umbrella is hit with high winds, you need a substantial base so the umbrella and base do not blow over or fly away.  

Close your umbrella when not in use

Though our umbrellas have successfully passed wind tests over 50 miles per hour, it’s always best to close your umbrella when you aren’t using it. This is especially important during storms and times of high winds.

Consider the Prestige Collection

Our Prestige collection features a one-piece pole with a .125 inch wall thickness and a heavy duty hub to minimize the risk of breakage. We recommend selecting a pole that’s 2 or 2.5 inches in diameter for maximum security.  Additionally, the Prestige Collection includes umbrellas with our proprietary FiberTeak™ finish that simulates the look and feel of real wood, bamboo and coconut palm over a heavy gauge aluminum core for both beauty and durability.

If you live in a windy area, Fiberbuilt’s shade products ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort, without worrying about losing your investment to the wind. By selecting the right umbrella for your location, with the proper canopy style, securing it to the appropriately weighted base, and maintaining the products as recommended, you’ll enjoy years of problem free use.

FiberBuilt Oceana w Aruba Canopy
These large Prestige Collection umbrellas feature a 2.5″ diameter, one piece pole with a .125 aluminum wall thickness and come in four powder coated pole finish colors.