Want an In-pool Mounted Umbrella?

There are several things to know about in-pool placement of an umbrella. And while FiberBuilt manufactures umbrellas that can be used for this purpose, it’s important to consult with your pool contractor so that he can make the appropriate arrangements for installing the sleeve into which the pole will be inserted.

The umbrella you select for use within a pool should be made with an aluminum pole. Fiberglass is also a good choice, but wood or steel should never be used for in-pool applications as they will quickly be affected by the chlorine, salts and other chemicals as well as the water itself.

For long lasting in-pool use, aluminum poles are far more stable and less sensitive to water and chemicals. Those with an anodized finish react even less than powder coated finishes. FiberTeak™ simulated wood poles with their textured fiberglass and gel coat finish over the aluminum core don’t swell and are more resistant to chlorine and chemicals. So you can enjoy the look and feel of wood on these models without the swelling, cracking, or other disadvantages of natural wood.

A pool contractor will be able to provide professional advice and the expertise to know what diameter hole to drill (based on the diameter of your umbrella’s pole) , how deep the hole should be, how to finish it with the proper materials, and can recommend or provide a sleeve with an attachable cap for when the umbrella is stored or used in a base on the pool deck.

It’s best to consider an in-pool umbrella while (or preferably before) the pool is being built. That way the builder can drill out the shotcrete or gunite and lining material and place the mount or sleeve for the umbrella during the plastering process. Drilling through the foundation of an existing pool requires a powerful drill with a diamond tipped holesaw. Because you would need to find and avoid drilling through rebar, among other concerns, this should not be undertaken as a DIY project.

Take time to determine where the best location will be for the permanent, in-pool sleeve location. The position of the sun changes not just during the course of the day but throughout the year. You may want the umbrella to shade the pool steps, tanning shelf, built in bench or shallow end of the pool. Experiment before making this decision. Also, be aware that the umbrella will be lower than its standard height once recessed into the in-pool mount. You may need to order an umbrella with an extended height pole so no one gets poked by the end tips of the umbrella. FiberBuilt offers bar height bottom poles on our Market umbrellas and 108” poles on Prestige Collection models.

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